Find the Best Bottle for Your Formula-Fed Baby

Finding a baby bottle that provides optimal feeding for the formula-fed infant is essential, as many infants are on formula and today’s parents want the best in bottle choices. Luckily, there are great options available, all with the health and safety of the baby in mind. Two such best bottles for formula are within the lines of Playtex and Mixie.

Playtex offers a unique and high quality product. With its name being synonymous with quality, it is no wonder that the Playtex brand stands out when it comes to the best bottles for formula. The brand states that its Playtex “Nurser” line simulates the natural rhythm of a feeding session. In doing so, the baby has a more natural breathing pattern while drinking from the Nurser line of bottles. This enhances the health benefits and aids in optimal digestion, as well as less distress with gas or spitting up, as often associated with other types of bottles. The nipples also encourage optimal latching and less spills. All of this leads to a happier and healthier baby, with clinically proven advances in aiding in the prevention of ear infections and colic.

Another ingenious bottle that is optimal for the formula fed baby is made by the new company Mixie. Mixie offers parents the unique nipple and bottle sizing options, all with health benefits of simulating the natural feeding process; in turn, leading to a healthier bottle-feeding experience as well. Where this company differs; however, is that the formula can be pre-measured and stored within the bottle’s compartment and twisted and literally mixed right before your eyes. This is great for parents who are on a day trip, vacationing, or simply wishing for the added convenience of a fresh, yet pre-made bottle each and every time.Whether convenience or added health benefits are what you are looking for, the bottles of today have much to offer the new parent. These companies take the strain out of finding the perfect formula feeder. Notably, these products all come with great reviews and recommendations, all from pediatricians and parents alike.